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Please check any and all condtraindications that apply:

Service types


(Strokes only)

  • Good for dry-normal skin types

  • Good for young, healthy skin, usually best under 45 unless you have exceptional skin & collagen production

  • Good for those who want a very natural/subtle enhancement

  • Good for those who already have a good amount of natural hair

  • Good for those who have fine-medium textured hair

  • Not ideal for those who have very oily skin, thin/mature skin, or coarse/wiry brow hairs

  • Not ideal for those who want a "filled in" or makeup look.  This option will be too subtle for you. 

  • This option will require you to fade your brows to about half saturation before getting an annual touchup.  They MUST fade before going over your strokes again.


(Strokes & Shading)

  • Good for dry-slightly oily skin types

  • Good for those who want a defined but natural brow

  • Good for most hair types and textures

  • Not ideal for those who have very oily skin, as the strokes may not hold as well

  • Not always ideal for mature skin, unless you want just a few strokes in the front and the rest softly shaded

  • A good middle ground for those who want the look of Microblading but don't fit all the criteria

  • Must be OK with having tails filled in like soft makeup- Strokes in the fronts and shading in the tails!


(Shading Only)

  • Good for dry-oily skin types

  • Good for those who want a makeup-style brow

  • Good for most hair types and textures

  • Saturation can be soft/misty to bold

  • The best option for those who fill in their brows every day

  • The only option for those who are very oily, have very thin skin, wrinkles/collagen loss in the brow area

  • The longest-lasting and most predictable outcome of all styles

  • Best option if you like a very smooth/perfect look.  Microblading and Combo will ALWAYS have gaps/spaces between strokes and will not fill in every spot.

Check ALL services you are interested in, not just your top pick
Your Skin Type is...

Upload a photo or two of your full face in natural daylight, with no brow makeup or foundation! REQUIRED

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Upload a photo or two of
your brow goals/inspiration! 
Ideally, photos of Microbladed brows, not 
just regular makeup.

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You Will see a success message pop up below the apply now button, but will Not receive an email confirmation until katie has

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Once your form is carefully reviewed, you will receive an email (check your junk/spam folders) with your approved options for services along with a link to the booking calendar.  

Please allow up to 48hrs for a response.

sometimes, the calendar may NOT show any appointments at all, and that means that Katie is fully booked at the moment.  


You can always check back through that link to see if there are any cancellations or new openings available, as the link shows a live calendar that is constantly updated.


Please do NOT fill out this form more than once,

or for other people besides yourself.


Thank you!


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