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microblading & combination brows

$1,000 New Client INCLUDES 6-12 week initial touchup

$500 Annual touchup 1-4 years

Microblading will give you the most natural looking results possible in cosmetic tattooing.  

A tiny sterile, single-use tool is used to create realistic hairstrokes that blend into your natural brow hairs, give more fullness to thin brows, fill in bald spots, and even

completely reconstruct entire brows from scratch.

This is a great option if you don't like to wear makeup, or prefer a super-natural look.  Shading can also be added to create a combination brow that is slightly bolder & more defined. 

Shading can also camouflage any especially sparse areas and help blend things together, which is called Combination brows.  

We build a 45 min consultation/mapping/measurement session into your procedure, so that we can completely customize your brows to compliment your desired look,

natural eyebrows, skin tone, and lifestyle.  I do not offer separate consultations prior to the procedure, but you can always email or text me with any specific questions! 

*all prices subject to change at any time

*touchup pricing will not increase for clients who have already had an appointment

*additional touchup fee applies if touchup is scheduled or rescheduled after 12 weeks of original appointment

*all clients with APPROVED previous work from other artists charged as a full price new client

*please contact Katie for San Diego touchup prices

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